Bohemian Prayer Rug (Size 10"x6") New!

Mandalas in Bloom (Size 3'x5')

Barn Dance

Caravan (Size 10"x6")

Gina's Garden (Size 10"x6" Sold)

Hollyhocks (Size 8"x6" Sold)

Magic Carpet (Size 10"x6")

Purple Majesty (Size 10"x6" Sold)

Rhapsody (Size 10"x6" Sold)

Sacred Tapestry (Size 10"x6" Sold)

The Grass is Greener (Size 10"x6")

The Journey (Size 10"x6" Sold)

Bee Yourself (Size 10"x6" Sold)

Cherry Blossom (Size 10"x6")

Family of Flowers (Size 10"x6")

Floral Reef (Size 10"x6")

Lollipop Blooms (Size 10"x6")

Elegance (Size 10"x6")

Rhinestone Necklace (Size 10"x6")

Shades of Gray (Size 10"x6" Sold)

String of Pearls (Size 10"x6")

Whirligig (Size 10"x6")